Roles are assigned to employees and authorize them to access different resources within MinuteWorx. Roles can authorize read permissions, as well as write permissions on a resource. Read permissions allow the employee to view the resource. Write permissions allow the employee to create, edit or delete a resource.

Employees can be assigned to one or more Roles. To switch Roles, select RolesAndTeams from the dashboard Settings menu.

To list all Roles, select HumanResources->Roles. To add a Role, tap the + icon. Tap on a Role to edit or delete it.

Tap the Search icon on the list view to search for Roles.

If an employee is not assigned to a Role, the following permissions are assigned by default based on the employee's Record Access Permission setting:

Access Permission Level default permissions:

  • Employee Level:

    • Tasks
    • Trip Logs
    • Expenses
  • Supervisor Level:

    • All Employee Level Permissions
    • Punchclocks
    • Punches
    • Shifts
    • Customer
    • Projects
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Time sheets and Pay sheets
    • Warning Policies
    • Overtime Policies
    • Premium Policies
    • Shift Policies
    • Absence Policies
  • Administrator Level - All Permissions Except:

    • Employees
    • Roles
    • Teams

Superuser Status

Employees with Superuser status have all permission to all resources without any restrictions.

Record Access Level

An employee's Record Access Level determines their authorization for accessing peer employee records.

There are 3 Record Access Levels:

  • Employee Level - Authorized to access own record only.
  • Supervisor Level - Authorized to access records for subordinate employees on teams supervised.
  • Administrator Level - Authorized to access records for any employee on any team.

Superusers have access to all employee records.