An Employee Record is created for each employee, and contains employment related information which is retained and made accessible to authorized staff such as supervisors and administrators.

An employee record must be created for any user who will be either logging into the administrative dashboard, or using a punch clock.

The information contained in an Employee Record is grouped into Record Sections, allowing fine-grained authorization to be set for accessing employee data. For example, it is possible to only allow higher level administrators access to an employee's Private Identifiers such as such as social security numbers.

Employee Records can be retained even after the employee has been terminated. Records can be accessed for historical data and re-activated when the employee is re-hired.

Select 'HumanResources->Employees->OnBoard to create a new Employee Record.

Select 'HumanResources->Employees->EmployeeIndex to see a list of Employees. Tap the + icon to add an Employee. Tap on an Employee Record to edit or delete it.

Tap the Search icon on the list view to search for Employee Records.

Tap the Filter icon on the list view to filter Employee Records by:

  • Team
  • Department
  • Location
  • Employment Status
  • Active Status

On-Board Employees

Select HumanResources->Employees->On-Board to quickly create a new Employee Record and enter information typically associated with hiring a new employee.

Once an employee has been On-Boarded, the newly created Employee Record can be accessed to add information not included in the On-Boarding process.