Employee Pay Policies

To edit an employee's Pay Policies, tap the Pay Policies section of the employee's Record.

Wage and Salary

The Hourly Wage is used to calculate the employee's pay sheet.

Salaried employees can be set to a $0 Hourly Wage.

Overtime Policy

The Overtime Policy is applied when calculating the employee's pay sheet. See PayrollBenefits->OvertimePolicies for more details.

Shift Policy

The Shift Policy is applied when the employee clocks-in for an unscheduled shift. If a shift has been scheduled and a Shift Policy has been set for the Shift, it will override the policy set in under the employee's record. See Scheduling->ShiftPolicies for more details.

Premium Policy

The Premium Policy is applied when calculating the employee's time sheet and pay sheet, or triggered when the employee starts a Task. See TimeAttendance->RoundingPolicies for more details.

Warning Policy

The Warning Policy triggers notifications such as when the employee is late, takes long lunches or goes into overtime. See Conformance->WarningPolicies for more details.