Rounding Policies

Rounding Policies are used to round punch times up or down on pay sheets, but they do not modify original punches.

Rounding can be selectively applied when employees punch in and out for a shift or breaks.

Rounding can also be applied to enforce the start and end of a shift. If an employee punches in early for a scheduled Shift, a policy can be set to round up to the scheduled start time. If an employee punches out late for a scheduled shift, a policy can be set to round down to the scheduled end time.

Rounding Types

  • Rounding Up - Eg. a 8:59AM punch rounded up to 9:00AM
  • Rounding Down - Eg. a 9:01AM punch rounded down to 9:00AM
  • Rounding to Nearest - Eg. a 9:07AM punch rounded to the nearest 15 minutes to 9:00AM