Punch Clock Usage

Clocking In and Out

To start your shift, tap Clock In. Optionally enter a note and tap Confirm.
To end your shift, tap Clock Out. Optionally enter a note and tap Confirm.
To take a break, tap Clock Out and choose Rest Break or Meal Break. Optionally enter a note and tap Confirm.

Punch Corrections

The Punch Correction button is used when you forget to clock in or out for a shift or break. Each time a Punch Correction is submitted, a reason must be specified, and your Punch Integrity score is lowered. Your correction is sent to your supervisor by email for review.

Checking Schedule

To view your Work Schedule, choose Menu->Scheduling->MySchedule.

Your next Work Shift also appears on the main punch clock screen.

Reviewing Time sheet

To view your Time Sheet, choose Menu->Timesheet.


To view Tasks that need to be completed, choose Menu->Tasks. To view Tasks assigned to you, choose Menu->Tasks->TasksAssignedToMe. To start a new Task, choose Menu->Tasks->TasksAssignedToMe and then the + icon.

Running Tasks

Employees are automatically clocked in if they start a Task while clocked out. Task Timers are automatically paused when an employee clocks out for break, and restarted when they clock back in from break. Task Timers are automatically stopped if an employee clocks out for the end of their shift.

Supervisors can start and stop Tasks for each member of their crew. When starting a Task for a Crew, it is possible to start a Trip Log for any or all crew members.

Completing Tasks

Once a Task's Timer has been stopped and the 'Percent Completed' value has been set to 100 percent, the Task will be moved to the 'Completed' group on the Task Overview.

If the 'Percent Completed' value is set to less than 100 percent, the Task will be moved back to the Active group.


To view your Expenses, choose Menu->Expenses->MyExpenses. To add a new Expense, choose Menu->Expenses and then tap Add Expense.

Trip Log

To view your Trip Log, choose Menu->TripLogs->MyTripLog. To add a new Trip, choose Menu->TripLogs and then tap Start New Trip.


To view assets currently checked-out by you, select Menu->Assets->AssetsCurrentlyCheckedOutByMe.
To view assets previously checked-out by you, select Menu->Assets->AssetsLastCheckedOutByMe.
To check-out an Asset, choose Menu->Assets->AllAssetsAvailableToMe and then tap + icon.

Geo Location

The MinuteWorx app obtains a device's location each time the user clocks in or out, starts or stops a Task, adds an Expense, a Trip Log, or checks Assets in or out.

Ensure that you have enabled your device's Location Services to ensure your location is obtained successfully.

Request Time-Off

To request Time-Off, select Menu->Scheduling->Time-Off. You will receive an emailed response once your supervisor either approves or declines your request.

Keypad and Keyboard Input

A keyboard or keypad can be used as a punch clock input device for basic functions such as entering an access code, or punching in or out. Key shortcuts appear inside square brackets. For example, a button labeled 'Clock In [1]' indicates the number 1 key can be used to clock in.


When use a shared punch clock, they must enter their 6 digit access code to unlock the punch clock. Once they have gained access to the punch clock, it will automatically be locked again after 7 seconds of inactivity.

To keep the punch clock unlocked, select Menu->KeepUnlocked