Punch Clocks

Punch Clocks allow employees to clock in and out as well as perform actions such as checking work schedules, starting Tasks, tracking Expenses or Trips, and requesting time-off. The Punch Clock app is intended for short quick actions performed while mobile and on a small screen device, whereas the admin dashboard is intended for office use on larger screen devices.

Punch Clocks can be installed on any device running a web browser, or any mobile device running Android or iOS.

There are two types of punch clocks:

  • Personal Punch Clocks - Used by 1 employee only. Does not require a 6 digit access code.
  • Shared Punch Clocks - Used by 1 or more employees. Requires each employee to enter a 6 digit code to gain access to the punch clock.

The MinuteWorx Punch Clock is available as a native iOS or Android app, as well as a web browser app. ( Progressive Web App ) Some mobile device users prefer to run the MinuteWorx app in their web browser, while others prefer to download and install the free MinuteWorx app from Google Play or iTunes. Both the native app and browser app are identical. Once installed, they look and function exactly the same.

Any computer or mobile device running Google Chrome can be used as a browser based Punch Clock. Google Chrome is recommended as the web browser however any web browser can be used. ( ie. Edge, Firefox, Safari )

Punch Clock Setup - Native App

To install the native punch clock app on an Android or iOS device:

  • Download and install the MinuteWorx app from Google Play Store or iTunes
  • Run the app and log in
  • Accept the prompt to request the device be paired with a punch clock. An approval request is emailed to the supervisor
  • The supervisor approves the request to pair the device
  • Access the punch clock

Punch Clock Setup - Web Browser

To install a browser based punch clock on an employee's device:

  • Open web browser and go to minuteworx.com
  • Tap 'Go To My Punch Clock'
  • Enter your email address, Tap 'Continue' and enter your password
  • Accept prompt to pair your device with a punch clock, and trigger an approval request to be emailed to supervisor
  • Your supervisor receives email and approves your request to pair your device
  • Access the punch clock

Email setup link with instructions

To email employees setup instructions, select TimeAttendance->PunchClocks->Install

To email employees their 6 digit code to access shared punch clocks, select TimeAttendance->PunchClocks->EmailAccessCodes

Device Pairing

Punch Clocks are paired with smart phones, tablets and computer to ensure employees clock in or out from authorized devices only. Supervisors can control which devices are used as punch clocks.

Employees can download the MinuteWorx app, or log into the MinuteWorx site at any time, and request their device be paired. It is up to the supervisor to ensure the device is authorized when they approve the pairing request received by email.

To unpair a device from the administrator dashboard, choose TimeAttendance->PunchClock->Uninstall

GEO Location

When employees punch in and out, their geographical coordinates may optionally be recorded.

These coordinates can be used to determine where physically an employee was when they clocked in or out, and are displayed as breadcrumbs on a map within the MinuteWorx dashboard.

Employees must allow location services to be enabled on their device. On first use, they will be prompted to allow the Location Tracking to be enabled. If they decline, or disable the feature, the Location Tracking information will no longer be available for that employee.

There are several reasons why a location may not successfully be obtained from a device. Some common causes include:

  • The mobile device's battery power is too low, requires charging, and no longer pings GPS satellites to obtain an accurate location.
  • The mobile device is moving at a higher speed ( eg. in a car traveling at 50mph ) and cannot obtain a fresh location.
  • The location is 'stale' or older than 15 minutes.
  • The user has declined sharing their location with MinuteWorx.

Punch Clock Live Status

The Team Dashboard's Live Status shows the current punch status for each employee, when they last clocked in or out, and if they are on break or lunch.

You can clock employees in and out by selecting their name from the live status.

To view the Team Dashboard and live statuses, select Dashboard and then tap the Team Dashboard button.

To edit employee punches, edit their time sheet.