Shifts have a start and end time and are scheduled for one or more employees.

Shifts can be associated with Departments, Locations, Customers, Projects and Job Numbers.

The Shift's supervisor can view and edit the shift. The Shift's selected employees see their upcoming shifts on their punch clock.

Shift Policy and Breaks

If a Shift Policy is selected, the Breaks associated with the Shift Policy will be in effect for the shift. See Scheduling->Shift Policies for more details.

Set number of employees required

By setting the Employees Required value when creating a Shift, it is possible to track which Shifts still need employees scheduled. Shifts which do not have the required number of scheduled employees appear with a red background on the schedule builder views. Shifts which have the required number of employees scheduled appear with a green background.

Shift Invitations

Employees can be invited to work an unfilled shift if the required number of employees has not been reached. The invitation's Priority level can be set to convey urgency to employees if a shift is in critical need of being filled.

Shift Invitations appear on punch clocks so that employees can accept or decline to work the shift.

Shift Invitations can be either Public or Private.

Private Shift Invitations are open to selected employees only and can optionally be sent by email. Public Shift Invitations are open to all employees.

Once the required number of employees have accepted to work a Shift, the Invitation is closed and no further employees will be scheduled for the shift.

To invite employees to work a shift, first set the 'employees required' field when editing a Shift. Then, select 'Public' or 'Private' under Shift Invitations. For private invitations, select employees to invite and tap 'Apply'.