Shift Policies

Shift Policies contain settings and breaks which can be applied to Shifts.

Grace Period - The Grace Period is the amount of time allowed for employees to clock in for a scheduled shift before they are considered early or late for the shift. For example, if the grace period for a shift scheduled for 09:00AM is set to 15 minutes, an employee clocking in at 8:44 would be considered late, but on-time if clocking in at 8:45AM.

Shift Start/Stop Window - The Start/Stop Window is the maximum time window before the start of a shift. Shifts started prior to this window are classified as Unscheduled. If the employee punches in outside of the start/stop window, the shift shows on time sheets as 'Unscheduled Shift', and the scheduled shift shows as 'Missed Scheduled Shift'. For example, if the start/stop window for a shift scheduled for 09:00AM is set to 1 hour, an employee clocking in at 8:00AM would show as a Scheduled Shift, but would show as a Missed Scheduled Shift if the employee clocked in at 7:59AM.

Use Shift Policies by selecting them when creating new Shifts.