Repeating Shifts

Repeating Shifts provide a way to setup a full workweek of Shifts and have the workweek automatically repeat, week after week.

For example, if some of your employees work 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday to Friday, week after week, a Repeating Shift could be created to automatically schedule these shifts for the whole year. This would free the administrator from having to manually schedule shifts.

In order to use a Repeating Shift, you must first create a Repeating Shift Template. ( see Repeating Shift Templates for full details )

Once you have created a Repeating Shift Template, you can enable it by creating a Repeating Shift.

To create a Repeating Shift, select Scheduling->ShiftSchedules->ScheduleBuilder and tap on a calendar day. Choose Add Repeating Shift, then:

  • Select a Repeating Shift Template
  • Set the Active From Date. The Repeating Shift Template will start on this date.
  • Set the End Date. The Repeating Shift Template will end on this date.
  • Select employees to include for the Repeating Shift
  • Tap Apply

The Repeating Shift is now active and display on all Shift Schedules.

Override Repeating Shifts for Specific Days

To override a repeating shift for one or more employees, simply create a Shift which overlaps the repeating shift for the days which apply. The Schedule Builder will ignore the repeating shift and apply the manually created shift.

To remove an employee from a repeating schedule when they are sick, create a shift manually to overlap the repeating shift and set the Shift Status to 'Time-Off' instead of 'Working'.