Task Timers

Whenever a Task is started, a new Task Timer is created. A Task can be started and stopped many times per day, or over the course of several days, creating many Task Timers. This allows Task Timers for specific date ranges to be totaled when running reports.

Employees are automatically clocked in if they start a Task while clocked out. Task Timers are automatically paused when an employee clocks out for break, and restarted when they clock back in from break. Task Timers are automatically stopped if an employee clocks out for the end of their shift.

Manual Timer Entry

Tasks are started and stopped from punch clocks. Although it is not possible to start and stop tasks from the admin dashboard, it is possible to add or adjust Task Timers associated with a Task. This may be necessary if an employee forgets to start or stop a Task. Adding Task Timers is equivalent to an employee having started and stopped the timer from a punch clock.

Running Task Timers

To start and stop tasks from a punch clock, see Time & Attendance->PunchClocks->PunchClockUsage