Pay Sheets provide totals for payable hours worked during a specified period. Employees can access pay sheets from their Punch Clocks at any time.

Pay Sheets are calculated based on raw punch data with Rounding Policies, Shift Policies, Overtime Policies and Premium Policies applied.

To adjust an employee's punches, edit their Time Sheet by selecting TimeAttendance->Timesheets->ViewEmployeeTimeSheet and either tap on an existing Work Shift, or tap Add Work Shift

Team Pay Sheets

To review employee pay sheets for a whole Team, select Payroll & Benefits->Paysheets and then View a Paysheet Summary for a Team of Employees. Tap any employee on the Team Summary to edit or view individual pay sheets.

Note that you must create and belong to at least one Team to view pays sheets by Teams.

Export Pay Sheet Reports

To export a Pay Sheet, select Payroll & Benefits->Paysheets->ExportReport