Getting Started

The basic MinuteWorx setup quickly gets your staff up and running with punch clocks installed on devices you authorize. This process should only take a few minutes, and once employees are clocking in and out, administrators can easily review and adjust time sheets, as well as export reports containing payroll data.

You will need to:

  • Create a Team
  • Add Employees
  • Install the punch clock app on employee devices or computers

Once employees begin using their punch clock, administrators can view each employee's live status on the Team Dashboard, clock employees in or out on their behalf, and see their Geo Location on Google Maps.

After the initial setup, you may also want to :

  • Schedule Shifts
  • Setup an Overtime Policy
  • Review your Payroll Settings
  • Review and Adjust Punches and Time Sheets
  • Run Payroll Reports

You may also require more advanced features such as:

  • Job Costing and Fine-grained time tracking using Tasks
  • Roles and Permissions to authorized employee access to only specific resources in MinuteWorx
  • Emailed Notifications for triggered events such as employees being late, going into overtime, or taking long lunches