Getting Started

Punch Clock Web Address

When you sign up for the MinuteWorx Punch Clock app, we provide you with a unique website address link to allow your employees to access your company's punch clock.

It is highly recommended that you create a favorite or bookmark of the website address, so you can access your punch clock easily in the future.

By navigating to the punch clock app from a web browser, employees access their personal punch clock, a common punch clock used by multiple employees, or an administrative dashboard overseeing all employees. When you add employees to the punch clock, they will receive an email notification with instructions on how to bookmark or add the web address to their browser's favorites for future access.

Logging In

Each employee with access to the Punch Clock will be required to use their email address as a username. Passwords cannot be empty, and the email address should be unique to the employee. Using a single email address for multiple employees is NOT recommended.

Note For Google Apps Users:

Note for Google Apps Users:

Employees with a Google Apps account can optionally log into the MinuteWorx app using Google's single sign-on feature. When adding new employees, make sure to set the 'User Source' to Google apps. The single sing-on allows makes it easier for your employees to log into the MinuteWorx app, as they do not need to remember a second password.

To Log In using your Google Apps account, simply click the 'Login Using your Google Apps domain' on the MinuteWorx login screen, and enter your Google domain. Users who log in via this method will not have to enter their username or password, and will be logged in automatically.

Reseting your Password

When you setup new punch clock accounts for your employees, it is recommended that they change the default password issued to them the first time they log in. An employee's password can be reset from the login screen, by clicking the 'Reset Password' link.